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The Ladder of Power and Freedom module is a qualitative data collection tool designed to provide numerical and narrative data on perceptions of the capacities of local men and women to exercise agency and make major decisions in their lives. The focus group module features four questions and two interactive ranking exercises for either focus group or semi-structured interview instruments....

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Posted on : 01/06/2018

In celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, women scientists and researchers share how their work is helping women and girls achieve food security, improve livelihoods, and create a more equitable world.

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Posted on : 12/02/2018

With its twisted cables and flickering computer screens, the room commandeered by the GENNOVATE study team at the headquarters of the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) near Mexico City looks more like a Silicon Valley hackathon than what most would understand as gender research. Yet up on the main screen,...

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Posted on : 16/08/2016

The Gender Network invites you to a dialogue with Hon. Baleka Mbete Speaker of the South African Parliament “Gender is My Agender” Wednesday 23 rd September 2015 from 10:00 to 12:00

Sheikh Zayed Centre, FAO – V.le Terme di Caracalla


Posted on : 20/09/2015
Cactus cultivation as adaptation method for women in Egypt

Women in Egypt are rising to the challenge of climate change adaption with innovative and ecologically friendly water saving strategies, despite gender inequality.

Egypt is suffering from water resource struggles, rising sea levels, overexploited aquafers and unsafe salinity levels in the soil. These impacts of climate change affect men and women differently...

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Posted on : 12/05/2015
Food for thought about rural women

Despite advances in global gender equality, "we are still failing rural women, particularly women farmers", write Jacqui Ashby and Jennifer Twyman.

As is often the case, failure is rooted in missing information. We are failing rural women farmers by not empowering them to improve the wrong data which we use to describe their situations, the authors write. As a result...

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Posted on : 12/05/2015

New study reveals widespread gender exclusion in payment for ecosystem (PES) services as a climate change adaptation option.

Men and women are increasingly recognized as resource managers in crop and livestock-based systems, especially within the context of climate change.

A number of approaches have been adopted towards conservation of natural resources with a view of...

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Posted on : 21/04/2015

For climate information services to work they must target the entire family and not just male farmers. But how can we overcome existing barriers that prevent women from meaningfully engaging in agriculture?

“I have the right to know, to be aware of what is happening,” says 23-year-old farmer Ruby Mela.

Studies show that when it comes to accessing climate information and...

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Posted on : 21/04/2015

In southern Ghana, women are connected to the land in different ways from one another. This diversity translates into a suite of vulnerabilities to climate change, and a need for fine-tuned strategies that accommodate the range of women in a community.

“Women here are really doing well; they have managed...

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Posted on : 21/04/2015


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