Gender in Agriculture Partnership

Transforming agriculture to empower women and deliver food, nutrition and income security
south-eastern Asia

Updates and resources posted under this region

SEAFDEC: GENDER AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST - Thailand EOWE publication series: Empowering women in agribusiness through social and behaviour change - Viet Nam
Join CGIAR Gender for a webinar on Gender and Large-Scale Land Acquisition: Lessons from Oil Palm in Indonesia - Indonesia In a community in Myanmar, a ‘role model’ changes attitudes and actions - Myanmar
Engendering security in fisheries and aquaculture: WorldFish systematic review and Indonesia experiences - Indonesia World Fish: Post Doctoral Fellow (Gender Specialist) - Malaysia
GAF 101: A Training Workshop on Gender in Fisheries and Aquaculture - Thailand Reframing Leadership for Gender Equality Course - Thailand
Gender mainstreaming in REDD+ and PES: Lessons learned from Vietnam - Viet Nam Vacancy: Gender Programme Coordinator, NACA - Thailand
Listening to Women Fishers on the Sekong River - Lao People's Democratic Republic Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition - Cambodia
Palmed off: Women lose in West Kalimantan oil palm boom - Indonesia Cambodia Impact Report: The World Citizens Panel - Cambodia
In the forest, women’s voices not heard: report - Indonesia