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The newest edition of the IFAD Gender newsletter has now been published, and can be found here.
It features articles from the recent Women’s land rights and gender justice session at the Global Land Forum, news from EXPO 2015, and updates from special activities such as the ...
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Posted on : 18/06/2015
The Women Vendors Exhibition And Forum 2015

The International Trade Centre and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) announce the Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum 2015 (WVEF2015), 2-3 September in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This premier business event links women vendors to markets by providing training, improving skills and facilitating meetings with buyers.

Previous events held in China, Mexico...

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Posted on : 15/06/2015
© Tim Robbins/Mint Images/Corbis
Here is an interview of Ethel Sennhauser, Director of the Agriculture Global Practice at the World Bank Group. Ethel Sennhauser, an Argentinian and Italian national, is currently Director of Operational Services in the East Asia and Pacific Region (EAP), a position she has held since 2012. In this role, Ethel oversees the operational work of the region, including...
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Posted on : 12/06/2015
© Hugh Sitton/Corbis

The following briefs present experiences, stories and lessons about IFAD’s work at field level. Please read them to know more about what has been done in the various regions to improve the lives of women and girls.

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Posted on : 11/06/2015
How much of the labor in African agriculture is provided by women?

The contribution of women to labor in African agriculture is regularly quoted in the range of 60 to 80 percent. Using individual-disaggregated, plot-level labor input data from nationally representative household surveys across six Sub-Saharan African countries, this study estimates the average female labor share in crop production at 40 percent. It is slightly above 50 percent in Malawi,...

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Posted on : 10/06/2015
CARE International
The newest edition of CARE International newsletter has now been published, and can be found here.

It features articles on women´s empowerment, on the events organized during the...

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Posted on : 01/06/2015

Fine-tuning Southeast Asia's cassava boom

Southeast Asia's transformation of cassava from a humble root crop from the Americas into a prized industrial input has an almost fairy tale quality

The cassava trade is expanding quickly, particularly in response to burgeoning exports of dried cassava chips and starch to China, where demand is expected to double...

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Posted on : 28/05/2015
IFAD Special event on household methodologies - Recordings and documentation

The IFAD Gender Team would like to thank all who attended the special event on Household Methodologies (HHMs) held at the occasion of the International Day of Families on 14 May2015.

In the following links you will find documents that would be of interest:

Household Methodologies Toolkit and other relevant documentation:

  • ...
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Posted on : 27/05/2015
Can Social Media Effectively Include Women’s Voices in Decision-making Processes?

Social media has proven potential for mobilizing attention and accountability to women’s rights, and challenging discrimination and stereotypes. Obstacles remain in translating women’s online advocacy to pushing for systemic change through policy. Strategies to enhance social media’s potential for women’s empowerment include facilitating their access to technology; increasing women’s...

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Posted on : 25/05/2015

UNITAR offers a limited number of full scholarships for French speaking participants from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) for its course “Innovative Collaboration for Development” to be held...

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Posted on : 19/05/2015


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