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Empowering the rural disabled in Asia and the Pacific: Disabled women in rural areas of the region [RSS feed item]

Disabled women comprise one of the most neglected segment of the population in Asia and the Pacific. This paper aims to review some existing data on the disabled to help design effective programmes for educating, training and employing the disabled.

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Gender and participation in agricultural development planning [RSS feed item]

A review of ten case studies written about FAO field projects that tested methods and tools for gender-sensitive participatory agricultural policy-making and planning.

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Workshop on gender roles and issues in artisanal fisheries in West Africa [RSS feed item]

A collection of documents presented at the above workshop. They are summaries of indvidual reports, which cover issues such as women's income generating activities and sanitation conditions of women and children in fishing communities. 47 pp.

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Cross-sectoral responses to HIV/AIDS: Impacts of HIV/AIDS on food security and rural livelihoods [RSS feed item]

This brochure presents some key findings from HIV/AIDS impacts surveys in rural areas in Namibia, Uganda and Zambia. 8 pp.

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Guidelines for the improvement of statistics on women [RSS feed item]

A practical guide to amending national agricultural survey programmes in order to improve the collection and dissemination of adequate gender-disaggregated data.

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Proceedings from AGROTEC/FAO workshop: Gender and agricultural engineering [RSS feed item]

The objective of the workshop was to increase attention to women as important actors in the field of agricultural engineering. It was organized jointly with AGROTEC, a programme based in Zimbabwe that addressed gender issues in its work on smallholder agricultural technologies.

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Empowering Zambian rural women through small farmer groups [RSS feed item]

The focus of this research is to document the impact of the FAO People's Participation Programme (PPP), which began in Zambia in 1983. The programme has helped to increase the effectiveness of many rural services and development initiatives by forming solid groups in which women are actively participating.

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The gender dimension in rural cooperatives [RSS feed item]

As breeding grounds for democracy and participation, cooperatives can be used to empower women by enhancing and upgrading their specific knowledge and capacities. They also play an important role in teaching methods of group decision-taking, and developing trust and self-assurance.

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Effects of group formation on rural women's access to services in Western Province, Zambia [RSS feed item]

This paper reports on some of the accomplishments achieved by the FAO People's Participation Programme (PPP). In particular, it focuses on the successful promotion of women's participation in various development initiatives in the Western Province, Zambia.

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Gender issues in agricultural and rural development policy in Asia and the Pacific [RSS feed item]

This document presents the proceedings, major findings and recommendations that emerged from the Regional Expert Consultation on Gender Issues in Agricultural and Rural Development Policy in Asia and the Pacific, which was held in the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific from 1-5 November, 1993.

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