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The results of the US presidential election came in as WEDO is in the midst of climate negotiations at COP 22 in Marrakech. WEDO is at the negotiations advocating for ambitious action on climate change that works for people on the frontlines of climate impacts. WEDo have been busy: Actions to #MovetheMoney from military spending; a GGCA Forum on collaboration and innovation; amplifying young feminist voices; press conferences on women’s demands for the climate; negotiations training for women delegates.

The gains that WEDO and allies have made for women and the environment face an undeniable threat, with powerful forces considering ways to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and pursue extractive energy policies that are disastrous to the Earth and women’s rights.

With so much on the line, we must stand together, to build power across movements that lift our demands and voices. We will not let the progress we’ve made for women, sustainability and the environment be reversed.

Here’s how you can engage with WEDO on this:

  • Raise your voice & build movement- We cannot let the voices of women be drowned out by the tsunami of fear and prejudice. This is the time to strengthen our movement and to do that we need your voices in all their diversity. Engage in dialogue and dissent. Mobilize. Strategize for lasting change at local and state level. Connect across movements-- labor leaders, young activists and indigenous peoples.
  • Stay informed- In the weeks to come, WEDO will continue to highlight research & news, host webinars and organize events-- sharing key information at the critical intersection of women’s rights, environment and development. We have difficult conversations ahead, we need to get our facts right.
  • Support our work- We are at a tipping point, where the potential to achieve gender equality and climate justice could be pushed back decades. We need your support to continue to train new leaders, facilitate advocacy and action and boldly fight for our vision of a just world.
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For 25 years, WEDO has been a global advocate for women and the environment. Through networks, trainings, workshops, demonstrations, knowledge production and advocacy, we work to amplify and bring to light the realities and leadership of women, the degradation of the environment, the impacts of climate change, and the need for sustainable development to ensure a healthy and peaceful planet. 

Check our WEDO's Research Paper on Gender and Climate Change: A Closer Look at Existing Evidence and Gender-Responsive Climate Policy Entry Points

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