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WE-Women for Expo's interview to Evelyn Nguleka

Evelyn Nguleka

The "Expo of Ideas" one of the major events that marked the beginning of Expo Milano 2015 hosted by Italy, took place at Hangar Bicocca in February 7. Also present at the event Evelyn Nguleka, President of the World Farmers’ Organisation, which along with more than 500 experts, studied issues of EXPO 2015 with particular attention to the size of the development of equity and sustainability, food culture as energy for live and the role of agriculture for a sustainable future.

At the end of the public debate that she took part in, Evelyn Nguleka was interviewed by WE- Women for Expo about the role of women in agriculture.

“It is important to highlight that women contribute by more than 80% to the world food production. Statistics show that women play a central role in the food value chain, especially when we look at Asia and Africa. It is therefore crucial that women be treated as central figures. They must have access to power and education and be granted equal rights.”

You mention the issue of recognising women rights. Do you think it is still necessary to address this subject?

I think in some regions and societies people do not have a clear view of what women’s rights are. In fact in some cultures it is the women themselves who don’t have a clear understanding of what their rights are, so I am also talking about the self-awareness of women.

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