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Roundup for International Women’s Day: GLF's Top 5 Articles on Gender

The statistics on the matter are stark: women do the majority of the world’s work, but only 20% of landholders are women. Un- and underemployment both hit women harder, and the wage gap persists. Unpaid and caring labor remain “women’s work,” while formal sector employment is male-dominated.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is “Be Bold For Change,” and the Global Landscapes Forum has been engaging and empowering women to be be bold and take leadership roles in creating the beautiful, equitable and sustainable landscapes of tomorrow: building a world where these kinds of statistics are history and not reality.

Read the Global Landscape Forum's top 5 articles on gender, highlighting and accelerating best practices in securing the rights of women to land and livelihoods here!

Photo by LWR / Jake Lyell from USAID on Flickr.

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