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Results of Independent Evaluation of Gender in CGIAR have been released

The head of the Independent Evaluation Arrangement of CGIAR has shared the final reports of the Evaluation of Gender in CGIAR, which includes two volumes, Gender in CGIAR Research (Vol. I) and Gender at the Workplace (Vol. II). The Evaluation of Gender in CGIAR was originally conceived as a single evaluation covering both gender in research and gender at the workplace. It was later recognized that these two dimensions, although contributing to the common objective of gender equity, relate to a distinct set of issues and actors, with different impact pathways making it conceptually difficult to treat them together. The two dimensions were therefore evaluated using a different methodology, and the results are published in two separate volumes.

The two reports are the result of in-depth analysis and extensive consultations carried out over the course of the past few months. Many useful comments were received from CGIAR stakeholders on both draft reports, and was disseminated through the networks of the Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP) for wider response. The team has considered each comment carefully and integrated many of them in this final version of the reports. 

The reports are available at the links below:

Volume I – Evaluation of Gender in CGIAR Research:

Vol I Gender in CGIAR research

Gender in CGIAR research – Annexes A-E

Gender in CGIAR research – Annex F

Volume II – evaluation of Gender at the Workplace:

Vol II Gender at the workplace

Stakeholder group: