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A New Year’s Resolution for Men: Turn Up to Events on Gender

As we begin a new year, researchers at CGD are looking forward to sharing new findings and policy proposals through our newsletters, podcasts, and publications. But one of our primary ways of communicating our work is through the events we host. Unfortunately, since the launch of CGD’s gender and development research program, we’ve noticed something about who attends what events, and it looks like nearly half the audience we’d like present when we talk about gender equality is missing in action.

We analyzed participant data from 12 gender-related events and 12 randomly-selected (but similarly-sized) non-gender-related events hosted by CGD, and the evidence is very clear: men aren’t showing up for gender equality. At the 12 non-gender-related events, 47 percent of the participants were male. At gender-related events, only 13 percent of the audience was male. The non-gender event with the lowest proportion of men had higher male participation than the gender event with the highest proportion of men. 

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Photo courtesy: Sinn Féin on Flickr

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