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New papers explore gender-inclusive climate adaptation strategies

In a special edition of the Gender, Technology and Development journal, scientists from CCAFS and partners discuss ways to close the gender gap in agriculture in developing countries where women and men farmers have different abilities to adapt to climate change. The authors demonstrate that providing women with engagement opportunities and adaptation resources will greatly reduce the variance in agricultural productivity between men and women. 
The featured articles were written by Sophia Huyer, Laura Cramer, Wiebke Förch, Ianetta Mutie, and Philip K. Thornton (CCAFS), Una Murray, Zewdy Gebremedhin, Galina Brychkova, and Charles Spillane (University of Galway), Noémi Gonda (CEU), Surabhi Mittal (CIMMYT), Daniel J. Clarke (World Bank) and Neha Kumar (IFPRI).
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