Gender in Agriculture Partnership

Transforming agriculture to empower women and deliver food, nutrition and income security


GAP’s working mechanisms

These comprise an inter-linked structure operating at different levels:

  • An international group of ‘GAP Catalysts’ to inspire change and foster collective actions within their own organizations and among different organizations and sectors, supported by specialized (time-bound) Working Groups, and focusing on:
  • sharing knowledge and catalyzing discussions among GAP partners to develop joint programmes and activities that bring synergies and value-addition
  • advocacy, especially at global and regional levels
  • mentoring women professionals and leaders, especially younger staff
  • Regional hubs, linked vertically and horizontally within GAP to catalyze and support region-specific gender in agriculture actions.
  • National actors from all sectors, promoting change in communities and institutions and challenging underlying social barriers and norms.
  • A group of GAP Patrons, consisting of Eminent Persons, who provide guidance and advocacy for GAP.

GAP’s initial stakeholders