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Join the #CGIARGoals Q&A Twitter Chat

This year, CGIAR are combining the outreach campaigns for World Food Day (16 Oct) and Prize (13 Oct), and the International Day of Rural Women (15 Oct) and Eradication of Poverty (17 Oct). You are invited to join the Q&A Twitter Chat next Wednesday, 12 October, on issues relating to reducing poverty, improving food and nutrition security, and improving natural resources and ecosystem services.

What: Twitter Chat

When: Wednesday 12 October, 2016. 9am – 10 am ET (GMT -4). See more time zones

Host: @CGIAR

Hashtag: #CGIARGoals

The Twitter chat will follow a question and answer style. @CGIAR will host the chat and ask a question every 10 minutes, allowing for responses and discussion after each question. Replies, follow up questions and multiple tweet answers are all encouraged. Each question will be numbered, and responses should include the answer number so as to indicate to which question you are responding. See the last Twitter Chat for more details on the format.

In addition to the #CGIARGoals hashtag, include any relevant hashtags, such as #RuralWomen, #WorldFoodDay, #WorldFoodPrize, #ZeroHunger, #EradicatePoverty, #GenderinAg in your responses.

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The Questions

To help you prepare your responses for the Twitter Chat the questions are outlined below, along with the time that the question will be tweeted by @CGIAR. Please forward the questions to colleagues who may be interested in joining the chat.

Time Question
9:02am Q1: How can we sustainably increase food production in order to meet the demand of a growing population while enhancing our natural resources and ecosystem services? #CGIARGoals #WorldFoodDay #EradicatePoverty
9:12am Q2: What incentives and policies are needed to improve gender parity for agriculture and rural livelihoods? #CGIARGoals #RuralWomen #GenderinAg
9:22am Q3: How can we strengthen the resilience of smallholder farmers to increase their incomes, improve food security and reduce poverty? #CGIARGoals #ZeroHunger
9:32am Q4: How and with what technologies and innovations is the balance of power changing gender relations in agriculture? #CGIARGoals #RuralWomen #GenderinAg
9:42am Q5: How can we shift the balance of power so that rural women are able to equally participate in agriculture and have better access to assets and resources? #CGIARGoals
9:52am Q6: What are some ways can we address carbon emissions from our global food system and help small-scale farmers adapt to a changing climate? #CGIARGoals #WorldFoodDay
Help promote the Twitter Chat

To help make the Twitter Chat as lively and engaging as possible, we need your help to promote and advertise! Below you’ll find a number of prepared Tweets that you can copy and paste and share with your followers, along with any of the visuals attached.

Join @CGIAR and partners for a Q&A Twitter Chat on Wednesday 12 October, 9-10am ET GMT-4 #CGIARGoals #WorldFoodDay #RuralWomen #ZeroHunger

Join the Q&A Twitter Chat, discussing #WorldFoodDay, #RuralWomen and #ZeroHunger with @CGIAR and partners. Follow: #CGIARGoals

#TwitterChat: Add your voice to the #CGIARGoals Q&A with @CGIAR and partners, discussing poverty reduction, gender parity and food security

We’ll be joining @CGIAR & partners for #WorldFoodDay, #RuralWomen & #EradicatePoverty Twitter Chat: Wed 12 October, 9am ET GMT-4 #CGIARGoals

Share your insights on reducing poverty, improving food security & adapting to a changing climate, with @CGIAR & partners #CGIARGoals

Passionate about food security, climate change adaptation or gender parity? Join @CGIAR and partners for a Q&A Twitter Chat #CGIARGoals

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