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IDS Gender and Sexuality Research and Knowledge Cluster update June 2016

The Gender and Sexuality Research and Knowledge Cluster of the Institute of Development Studies has released an e-update with news on the Cluster's work and responses to current development issues. 

Some highlights include:

How can your organisation be more gender equal

Reframing gender equality and sustainable change: what role for men?

Exploring the relationship between gender, sexuality and social justice

Improving Access to Health for Women and Girls in Low-income Urban Settlements

Connecting Perspectives on Women’s Empowerment

Migration, Mobility and Marginalisation: Consequences for Sexual and Gender Minorities


IDS is well known for its progressive gender research, knowledge sharing and teaching, and for the central role it has played in the conceptual shift from a 'women in development' to a 'gender and development' focus, as well as for critically bringing sexuality and masculinities into gender theory, research and practice.

Photo credit: Jerker Edstrom/IDS

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