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Gender Programme for Refugee Response in Eastern Turkey - Baseline Assessment

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Expiry date: 
Tuesday, 16 August, 2016

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the “EBRD”, the “Bank”) has developed a pipeline of projects to support private sector development and provide finance for infrastructure projects in Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis (the “EBRD’s Refugee Response Programme”). Due to the heavy influx of refugees in Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean, public services such as the provision of water, waste water, solid waste and urban transport are under strain from increased demand, as well as under financial stress due to refugees’ inability to pay for the services. The influx has also put pressure on the economic climate in the affected regions and there is now an urgent need to provide economic opportunities both for the refugee populations and for the affected local communities.

Syrian refugees face numerous difficulties in providing for their own livelihoods. Women in refugee-affected areas face even larger barriers to enter local labour markets and in host communities, the influx of refugees has led to a displacement of local female labour. The EBRD refugee response will target both refugee and local populations through:
(i) direct investment in SMEs, and delivery of finance through existing EBRD credit lines, with accompanying business advisory services;
(ii) investments in municipal infrastructure to alleviate pressure on basic services in host communities; and
(iii) financial literacy and skills verification training and labour market diagnostics.

In order to ensure that the Bank’s investments under the refugee response address the needs of women as well as men in refugee-affected areas, the EBRD’s Banking Teams (in particular MEI and the SME pillars) will be supported by a gender focal point whose main focus will be to facilitate access for women (in both local and refugee populations) to business support services, finance, public services and job opportunities.

Assignment Description:
The Bank now intends to engage a consultant (the “Consultant”) to:
(a) conduct a baseline assessment of the need of women in refugee and local population in Eastern Turkey with regards to access to employment and entrepreneurship; and
(b) develop recommendations for the design of an EBRD intervention to address such needs.

The expected outcome of the Assignment is increased economic inclusion of women in refugee and local populations in refugee-affected areas of Turkey. The geographical focus of the Assignment will be in the Gaziantep area with targeted visits to up to two other locations in refugee-affected areas expected to be covered by the EBRD’s Refugee Response Programme.

For more information on the vacancy and application procedures, visit the EBRD website

The Assignment terms of reference can be acessed here.