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The Gender and Food Security Cutting Edge Pack

Hands, by Vjeran Lisjak.

This BRIDGE Cutting Edge Overview Report and In Brief makes the case for a new, gender-aware understanding of food security, arguing that partial, apolitical and gender-blind diagnoses of the problem of food and nutrition insecurity is leading to insufficient policy responses and the failure to realise the right to food for all people. Showcasing effective and promising existing strategies, the report suggests that in order to truly achieve food security for all in gender equitable ways, responses need to be rights-based, gender-just and environmentally sustainable.

The report is the result of a collaborative and participatory process, involving over 40 experts on food and nutrition security and gender from around the world.

Click on this link to download the report from BRIDGE Development - Gender.

Picture credit: Hands, by Vjeran Lisjak.

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