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GAP Special News: IEA seeks your feedback on CGIAR gender research by 14 October

Independent Evaluation Arrangement (IEA) of CGIAR launches Thematic Evaluation of Gender in CGIAR Research and in the CGIAR workplace

Online Survey for GAP Members on the relevance, dissemination, and use of CGIAR gender research


CGIAR has a long history of research on gender in agricultural research and development. Gender is also central to its four strategic objectives of reducing poverty, improving food security, improving nutrition and health, and working towards sustainable, resilient agroecosystems. 


In 2011, CGIAR adopted a system-wide Gender Strategy to support research programs and Centers to systematically integrate gender into their work. In 2016, the Independent Evaluation of CGIAR commissioned a Gender Thematic Evaluation that will review progress made so far in gender mainstreaming at System, Center, and CGIAR research program (CRP) levels, as well as in carrying out appropriate gender research and impact analysis.  


Building on findings in these areas, the evaluation will draw lessons and formulate recommendations to enhance the capability of the CRPs and the System as a whole to make research more gender-sensitive, promote gender equity and enhance research effectiveness through better understanding and targeting of different beneficiary groups. The results of the evaluation will be made publicly available.


We invite you as member of the GAP network to assist IEA in this evaluation by completing a short online survey. Since many GAP network members are also CGIAR partners, or use CGIAR analysis and information, your feedback on the relevance, the dissemination and the use of CGIAR gender research is of great value for this evaluation.  


Completing the survey should not you take you more than 20 minutes.  Your replies will be treated confidentially and will not be attributed to you personally.  We would appreciate if you can complete and return the survey before 12 noon GMT on Friday 14th October.


To access the survey, click here. 


For more information on the Gender Thematic Evaluation, and the Evaluation Team, please visit the evaluation webpage


Thank you for your contribution!


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The Evaluation Team of the Independent Evaluation Arrangement (IEA) of CGIARSally Baden, Rachel Percy, Lynn Brown, Deborah Merrill-Sands

IEA is responsible for System-level independent external evaluations through strategic evaluations of CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs), cross cutting themes, institutional elements of CGIAR, as well as CGIAR as whole through the System-wide evaluation.


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