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FARA publishes resources for Gender Mainstreaming

The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), in collaboration with various stakeholders, has published a suite of resources for mainstreaming gender in agricultural services and agribusiness:

1) A report synthesizing findings from seven country scoping studies on gender-responsive approaches to rural advisory services (RAS) in Africa. The studies, which were conducted in seven countries (Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Sudan, and Uganda), were meant to identify existing policies, programmes, approaches, and tools into which gender considerations had been injected, and then to provide them as RAS to farmers, with specific focus on women and youth. The scoping studies revealed that all seven countries have gender-responsive national development and agricultural sector policies and strategies, however, most of these policies and strategies have not been operationalised. There is need to breathe life into the policies so that they get translated into measurable actions amongst smallholder farming communities. 

2) A Roadmap for Mainstreaming Gender into Rural Agricultural Services for Poverty Reduction in Africa, which draws from the finding of the above synthesis of the scoping studies. 

3) A Toolkit for Gender Mainstreaming in Agribusiness Incubation which is a result of widespread stakeholder consultation processes conducted by FARA and its partners, and aims to spearhead and advise on gender mainstreaming into business incubation processes under the UniBRAIN programme. It provides support to incubation programmes, incubator managers and incubatees who wish to promote inclusive businesses, and motivates intended users by providing practical gender mainstreaming tools to use. 

Photo credit: FARA