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CRP FTA shares work on gender mainstreaming

CGIAR Research Programe on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry's November newsletter highlights FTA’s gender research and gender integration work.
FTA’s key research for development objectives — addressing food insecurity, enhancing nutrition, tackling climate change and ensuring sustainable development — cannot be solved without paying close attention to gender equality and social inclusion, which is also an objective in itself.
This is why FTA takes care to mainstream gender throughout its research portfolio. Gender mainstreaming aims at the integration of gender-related concerns and issues into the various areas of FTA research, in order to improve the relevance and accuracy of problem statements, and provide more gender-equitable, inclusive and appropriate solutions.
FTA prioritizes gender research in several areas of work in which gender equality and social inclusion are known to be key challenges, key barriers to success or key to the sustainability of impacts.
Critical areas for gender mainstreaming include land restoration, as demonstrated in a recent COP23 side event — see “Thoughts on gender” — and in a policy dialogue on gender and forest landscape restoration on Nov. 30 in Kenya. Other areas are climate-smart agriculture, which was also demonstrated at a COP23 side event, as well as land-use change and migration, on which FTA will co-organize a public event in Nepal on Dec. 16.
The newsletter provides some of the latest findings that exemplify gender integration in key areas of FTA’s work, including value chains and investments, and links to some recent FTA publications on gender works in tenure, REDD+ and forest management issues.
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Photo Credit: J. Nkadaani/CIFOR

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