Gender in Agriculture Partnership

Transforming agriculture to empower women and deliver food, nutrition and income security

Concept Note for GAP Webinar on Closing the gender data gap for agricultural policy and investment

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the main contributions of key on-going initiatives to mainstream sex-disaggregated data and gender indicators in agriculture in national censuses and surveys, and to pilot and validate measures of women’s empowerment with particular reference to assets in agricultural development projects. The discussion will focus on (a) conceptual and methodological issues, (b) capacity building in statistical and agricultural research institutions, and (c) how to ensure that policy makers and planners receive and act on these data to improve gender equality in agriculture.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn about these programmes, share experiences and learning in these and similar programmes, and together identify common challenges and gaps for future work.

This webinar is the first of a series developed by the GFAR-facilitated Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP) as a knowledge-sharing tool to facilitate exchange among GAP members, in collaboration with the CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network, FAO and other GAP partners. 

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Gender in Agriculture Partnership