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CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network invites you to its Annual meeting 2016

Science-based innovation is at the heart of CGIAR’s vision of its impact on poverty reduction, food security and climate-smart resource management. Impactful innovation needs to be socially inclusive and gender-equitable. CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) conduct research to guide and improve the gender-responsiveness or transformative effects of CGIAR innovation. The CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network was established to enable CGIAR global research programs (CRPs) to work together in a community of practice that would foster knowledge exchange in ways that enhance synergies across programs in gender research. The Network promotes and supports knowledge-sharing in this community of practice to deepen understanding of how gender disparities and gender relations affect agricultural innovation and to include gender perspectives in technical research. The network meets once every year to share experience and to address strategic and timely topics. Starting in 2017, the Network’s role in supporting the community of practice will be embedded in a gender platform to be hosted by the CRP on Policy, Institutions and Markets (PIM).

CRPs will launch their Phase II proposals in 2017. Expectations are high that CRPs will demonstrate the effectiveness of gender research conducted in Phase I by demonstrating measurable benefits delivered to women as well as men in their main target areas.

The CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network’s Annual Meeting will take place at CIAT headquarters in Cali, Colombia from November 1-4, 2016. The deadline to register to participate is Sunday, July 31, 2016.

This year’s meeting will emphasize the following themes:

  • Learning from CGIAR’s experience with social and gender analysis and understanding how gender research has influenced the gender-responsiveness of CRPs
  • Sharing and systematizing Network members’ priorities for future work in a community of practice supported by the new gender platform
  • Applying this learning to the challenge of getting to gender-responsive or transformative impact


  1. Foster collaboration among CRP Gender Research Coordinators and Network members by  increasing their familiarity with each other’s approaches, activities and achievements
  2. Support professional networking and knowledge-sharing among CGIAR and other researchers engaged in research on gender
  3. Facilitate a broad-based consultation by PIM on priorities for the Gender Platform
  4. Share knowledge and promote collective learning essential for getting to impact

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