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Call for Speakers - IWMI/WLE/GAP/GFAR Webinar on Gender and Resources

GAP is making a call for speakers interested in participating in an upcoming webinar on "Gender and access to agricultural resources", organized jointly by IWMI, WLEGAP and GFAR. Participating in the webinar will be a great opportunity to share your knowledge on how gender affects access to water, land, inputs, finance, and/or decision making. 

The webinar, scheduled for the first half of June 2018, will be faciliated by the Secretariat of GFAR. GFAR webinars typically have very high participation, so this is a good way to engage and share your research with a potentially new online audience. Since GFAR tries to limit the time spent on presentations and focus on questions from the participants, the time to prepare as a panelist is not that intensive. The facilitator will work with all speakers in the lead up to the webinar to further hone the content and structure, and to provide technical support for the running of the webinar on BlueJeans. 

If you are interested in speaking in this webinar, please contact Peter Casier at peter(at) with copy to GFAR Secretariat at GFAR-Secretariat(at) 

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Photo: David Brazier / IWMI