Gender in Agriculture Partnership

Transforming agriculture to empower women and deliver food, nutrition and income security

Africa Rising helps add a gender lens to development storywriting

Gender is not a given. Men and women’s roles, opportunities, and relationships are socially constructed and vary across different societies. Language and images may perpetuate restrictive gender norms or co-create avenues for more equitable relationships. Africa RISING is committed to reporting the “whole story” about its communities, research, and cooperation with various partners. It wants to present the dissimilar livelihoods and needs, the diverse voices and positions of the social groups it is working with. Generalizing the situation of one group to represent others would mean that only one side of the story is told at the expense of others, which are equally valid. For example, when writing a success story about the impact of an improved agricultural technology offered to a household, getting the “whole story” means including perspectives from several members of the household who have different, unique but important interactions with the technology. 

Africa Rising has compiled a short set of guidelines for gender-sensitive storytelling in agricultural research and development. The guidelines offer practical examples to help promote gender inclusion and challenge gender stereotypes. 

To download the guidelines in pdf, click here

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