Gender in Agriculture Partnership

Transforming agriculture to empower women and deliver food, nutrition and income security

15-day consultancy Gender and Value Chain Development

Jalal-Abad Oblast
GIZ Programme

1.             Assignment

The expert is requested to conduct a gender analysis and draw up conclusions and recommendations for the GIZ Programme interventions in Jalal-Abad Oblast.

The international expert will be working in tandem with a national expert.

2.             Background

An appraisal of the planned co-financing of the TC measure ‘Promotion of Sustainable Economic Development in Kyrgyzstan’ will be conducted during the period from 1 June 2015 to 30 August 2015.

The purpose of the appraisal is to prepare the design, content and organisational structure of the project extension planned on behalf of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).

The results of this assignment will be integrated into the project document. For more details see TOR for the appraisal of project extension in Annex 1.

3.             Issues to be examined

The expert will focus on the issues outlined below:

1.     Assess how gender aspects have been incorporated in the programme up to date. The expert shall take into consideration the gender analysis conducted for the programme in 2013.

2.     Assess the needs concerning future incorporation if gender aspects on the basis of interviews with potential project partners as well as other relevant actors and representatives of the target group

3.     Assess if and how other donors in Jalal-Abad incorporate gender aspects and how this can be used

4.     Conduction of analysis based on the collected data;

5.     Develop recommendations how the programme in Jalal-Abad can be designed gender specifically and where priorities should be set.

6.     Determine expected results on gender equality and identify possible gender indicators.

7.     Compile the analysis according to the Gender analysis format provided.

4.             Profile of the expert and division of tasks

The expert shall have a solid background in gender. Prior experience in private sector development is an advantage. Russian language and work experience in Central Asia are advantages.

The national expert in the tandem will be responsible to evaluate feasibility of suggested intervention in the Oblast with the selected partners. S/he will conduct background research. S/he will accompany the international expert.

5.             Inputs provided by the expert

The experts will provide the following inputs:

  • Assess available documents ;
  • Conduct interviews with relevant potential programme partners, employees in the programme, geder focal point as well as representatives of the target group and other actors;
  • produce a report including assessment, specific recommendations and expected results 
  • present the findings at a debriefing;

6.             Products

Gender analysis in English detailing assessment, specific recommendations and expected results.       

7.             Specification of inputs

The following inputs are hereby agreed:

  • Preparation: up to 2 days
  • Evaluation/appraisal on site (individual/group interviews, analyses, workshops): up to 8 days
  • Concluding phase (follow-up, reporting, where applicable, evaluation discussion: up to 3 days
  • Travel (to/from country of assignment): up to 2 days

8.             Mission schedule

On-site logistical support will be provided by the GIZ project offices in Bishkek and Osh.

For more details on scheduling, please contact Ellen Michel (