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Seed Awards 2015 - Call For Applications

Is your enterprise in a start-up phase and does it integrate social and environmental benefits, solving pressing local issues? Is it women-led? Do you need support to help to establish and grow your enterprise? If these questions apply to you, you will be pleased to hear that SEED has opened the Call for Applications for the 2015 SEED Awards.

SEED welcomes innovative...

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Posted on : 17/02/2015
2015 WEPs Annual Event - Unlimited Potential: Business Partners For Gender Equality

This year a number of global milestones – the twentieth anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action (PfA), and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – provide a unique opportunity to ensure that the business community is a key partner in achieving gender equality.

Held as part of the official CSW59/Beijing+20 programme, the 2015 Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Annual Event...

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Posted on : 16/02/2015
Diana Brandes

People are not generally open to change and ideas that contradict what they already believe. Under certain conditions, they actively avoid such information while at the same time seeking information that bolsters their original beliefs.

Research organizations and the people that work for them are not immune from this. Many who spent their careers in research or international...

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Posted on : 13/02/2015

Wikigender is running a new online discussion in partnership with @Empower_Women, @AWID, @WorldPulse and @guardian on the following topic: “Advancing women’s rights through social media: which strategies?”

We encourage members and friends to join the discussion on which are the most efficient strategies to make women’s voices heard in the post-2015 agenda using...

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Posted on : 10/02/2015
Developing New Strategies for Nourishing the World

This year's World Economic Forum provided an opportunity for leaders from all sectors of global development to look at new tactics in global decision-making. For me and my organization--the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI...

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Posted on : 06/02/2015

The ITC-ILO is offering a course on Gender and Organizational Change, which will take place in Turin from 23 to 27 March 2015. The workshop proposes to look at how organizations have embraced gender mainstreaming, the success stories and the barriers, but goes much further by looking at gender as part of an...

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Posted on : 05/02/2015
Woman carrying traditional water pots for sale in Niger-  Creating new options for household  income. More livestock enterprises mean more  opportunities for women (photo: ILRI/Stevie Mann).

Led by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), a study was carried out to evaluate the impacts of microcredit and value chain intervention projects for livestock on women’s empowerment.

Using the Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) and adapting it for measuring empowerment for women and men in both economic and rights...

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Posted on : 26/01/2015

The vision for this high-level event is to share cutting-edge knowledge and evidence on closing the gender gap in farming under climate change, and to convene thinkers and doers in a forum to inspire renewed action.


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Posted on : 25/01/2015

By Enricka Julien, public relations liaison, from Trinidad and Tobago.

I have always been passionate about agriculture and all the activities linked to this industry, which I believe came from growing up in the countryside, particularly during a time when Caroni (1975) Limited –a famous company in Trinidad and...

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Posted on : 22/01/2015
Ruth Quaye

Story captured by Miriam Hird-Younger, as part of the series "Investing in Youth in Agriculture - Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB) in Ghana." This Wednesday, this AgEx...

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Posted on : 21/01/2015


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