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Discussion until 16th February 2014

"Globally and with only a few exceptions, rural women fare worse than rural men and urban women and men for every MDG indicator for...

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Posted on : 12/02/2014

Cathy McGowan is a sheep farmer, researcher and businesswoman. Her award winning leadership programs have had a major impact on increasing the participation of women in Australian agricultural industries. She was a founding member of Australian Women in Agriculture[1] and now consults to the PNG Women in Agricultural Development...

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Posted on : 31/01/2014

GFAR consultants working through the Gender in Agriculture Partnership and commissioned by the CGIAR Dryland Systems Research Program, have developed the gender and youth strategy described here in the last issue of ICARDA-News. We trust you will find...

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Posted on : 17/01/2014


1) Thursday 30 January;

2) Wednesday 5 February; and

3) Tuesday 18 February 2014 

FAO welcomes everyone interested in climate-smart agriculture and equity to join the online learning event. The event takes place from 30/1 to 18/2 2014.

The event consists of 3 webinars of 90...

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Posted on : 16/01/2014
Evidence from BRAC’s challenging the frontiers of poverty reduction—Targeting the ultra poor program in Bangladesh

Growing evidence shows that the distribution of individuals’ ownership and control of assets within...

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Posted on : 13/01/2014

The purpose of this manual is to provide methodological and analytical information necessary to improve the availability, quality, and use of gender statistics in countries with less developed statistical systems.

The approach and the structure of the manual are constructed around...

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Posted on : 08/01/2014

There is now growing recognition of the importance of attention to gender for agricultural productivity and food security.  However, many “gender myths” persist; myths that either underestimate or overstate the importance of women’s roles and resources.  In order to close the gender gap in productivity or assets, there is a need to close the knowledge gap.  This policy seminar, held at...

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Posted on : 07/01/2014

Organization: Care

Country: Kore Lavi, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The Gender Technical Coordinator (GTC), reporting directly to the Chief of Party for  “Kore Lavi”/USAID project, will play an integral role in the Project Management Unit by providing senior technical, programmatic, and managerial...

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Posted on : 11/12/2013

LAUNCH EVENT: Gender in Agriculture E-Learning course

Please join us for the launch of the Gender in Agriculture E-Learning course, product of a joint collaboration between the World Bank and Michigan State University. Based on the Gender in Agriculture (GiA) Sourcebook (2009),result of a fruitful partnership of the World Bank, FAO and IFAD, this...

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Posted on : 04/12/2013

Fishery changes, caused by modernization and mechanization, globalization and environmental disasters, shift the working spaces, continually destroy and create jobs and livelihoods, and bring greater overlaps in women’s and men’s roles in the household, factory and market place.

“Gender and fisheries studies, therefore, are increasingly addressing these changes and how...

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Posted on : 03/12/2013


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