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Helping to ensure food and nutrition security in southern Tajikistan

A USAID-funded project is helping smallholder potato growers in southern Tajikistan to earn an additional income of around 6,800 USD per ha. Photo by Timur Abdurakhmanov.

The International Potato Center (CIP), a member of the CGIAR Regional Program for Central Asia and the Caucasus, is implementing a USAID-funded project in southern Tajikistan to help smallholder potato...

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Posted on : 02/07/2015
30 Women Under 30 Changing Food

There are hundreds of women who inspire us at Food Tank. They are entrepreneurs, stewards of the land, business owners, researchers, farmers, and innovators, who are the backbone of the world’s food systems.

In fact, on average, women represent 43 percent of the world's agricultural labor force and 47 percent of the global fisheries labor force, according...

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Posted on : 24/06/2015
Are women rice farmers in Latin America?

This seemingly straightforward question is quite difficult to answer.  On smallholder farms, all family members generally play important roles in agricultural production.  But farm surveys typically interview men under the assumption that men are the household head, landholders, and farmers (see Deere, Alvarado, and Twyman 2012). This implicitly implies that women are not considered farmers,...

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Posted on : 17/06/2015
African Leaders Must Act on Women Food Climate

Climate change is the single biggest threat to fighting hunger. For many of us, it means lower quality food, less choice, and higher food prices. For women food producers, it means investing their labour, time and money in vain. It means dragging thousands into poverty and could set back the fight against hunger by several decades.

For this reason, different organizations from across...

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Posted on : 16/06/2015
© Tim Robbins/Mint Images/Corbis
Here is an interview of Ethel Sennhauser, Director of the Agriculture Global Practice at the World Bank Group. Ethel Sennhauser, an Argentinian and Italian national, is currently Director of Operational Services in the East Asia and Pacific Region (EAP), a position she has held since 2012. In this role, Ethel oversees the operational work of the region, including...
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Posted on : 12/06/2015
 Rebalancing Agriculture will Deliver for Nutrition and Gender Equality

By Lynn Brown

My recent activities have led me to realize that we need to rebalance agriculture if agriculture is to fulfill its fundamental responsibility to deliver nutrition. In doing so we will also address many of the gender inequities in the agricultural system.

What do I mean by rebalancing agriculture? Why would I say that? In recent review work and engagement with ...

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Posted on : 18/05/2015
Paula Kantor at the 2014 Livestock and Fish program review meeting

The tragic loss of Paul Kantor during a terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday 13 May have left many of her colleagues in the development world and friends with great sadness.

Paula who joined CIMMYT in February 2015 as a senior scientist (gender and development specialist), was leading CIMMYT’s ambitious new project to...

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Posted on : 14/05/2015
Women Farmers Combat Land Degradation in Nagaland

A UNDP partnership with the government of Nagaland has reduced soil erosion and increased vegetation cover on 30,000 hectares of land in 70 villages. The partnership in the North Eastern Himalayan state has empowered 7,000 women farmers to adopt farming practices that can protect soil fertility, diversify livelihoods and strengthened market linkages.

48 year old...

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Posted on : 13/05/2015
Cactus cultivation as adaptation method for women in Egypt

Women in Egypt are rising to the challenge of climate change adaption with innovative and ecologically friendly water saving strategies, despite gender inequality.

Egypt is suffering from water resource struggles, rising sea levels, overexploited aquafers and unsafe salinity levels in the soil. These impacts of climate change affect men and women differently...

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Posted on : 12/05/2015
Food for thought about rural women

Despite advances in global gender equality, "we are still failing rural women, particularly women farmers", write Jacqui Ashby and Jennifer Twyman.

As is often the case, failure is rooted in missing information. We are failing rural women farmers by not empowering them to improve the wrong data which we use to describe their situations, the authors write. As a result...

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Posted on : 12/05/2015


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