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Women Farmers Combat Land Degradation in Nagaland

A UNDP partnership with the government of Nagaland has reduced soil erosion and increased vegetation cover on 30,000 hectares of land in 70 villages. The partnership in the North Eastern Himalayan state has empowered 7,000 women farmers to adopt farming practices that can protect soil fertility, diversify livelihoods and strengthened market linkages.

48 year old...

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Posted on : 13/05/2015
Cactus cultivation as adaptation method for women in Egypt

Women in Egypt are rising to the challenge of climate change adaption with innovative and ecologically friendly water saving strategies, despite gender inequality.

Egypt is suffering from water resource struggles, rising sea levels, overexploited aquafers and unsafe salinity levels in the soil. These impacts of climate change affect men and women differently...

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Posted on : 12/05/2015
Food for thought about rural women

Despite advances in global gender equality, "we are still failing rural women, particularly women farmers", write Jacqui Ashby and Jennifer Twyman.

As is often the case, failure is rooted in missing information. We are failing rural women farmers by not empowering them to improve the wrong data which we use to describe their situations, the authors write. As a result...

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Posted on : 12/05/2015
Posted on : 11/05/2015
ENERGIA Newsletter - May 2015

After a gap of several years, the International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy is issuing once again ENERGIA News. Find the latest edition here.

Posted on : 11/05/2015
Releasing GFEP report and policy brief on Forests and Food Security
The Global Forest Expert Panels (GFEP) initiative provides a mechanism for effectively linking the information requirements of governments and intergovernmental processes related to forests and trees with existing scientific expertise. On 6 May 2015 at  the UN Forum on Forests in New York, USA, the report ...
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Posted on : 08/05/2015

As part of a #Beijing20 campaign that runs throughout May 2015, inspiring journalists and media leaders tell UN Women their thoughts about the state of women in media today, what changes they want to see for women, and share their personal experiences in the newsroom.

Read the full news on...

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Posted on : 06/05/2015
That tricky gender thing: lessons from Amazonia

There are enormous gaps in our knowledge about how gender relations shape the lives of people living in the forests of the Amazon, a new study has found – but on the ground, remarkable changes are happening across the region as women begin to organise and empower...

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Posted on : 04/05/2015
© Bull's Eye/ImageZoo/Corbis

It’s a cruel irony for rural women: the agricultural interventions that can improve a household’s nutrition often compete with the time women need for resting, childcare, and food preparation—negatively impacting the family’s nutrition.

What interventions can alleviate this additional burden?

An IFPRI policy seminar...

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Posted on : 04/05/2015
CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems’ Youth Strategy 2014-2017: Engaging Youth in Innovative Agricultural Development

Why is it at times more rewarding to involve nowadays’ youth in innovation mechanisms and processes to improve agricultural livelihoods than to work with previous generations?

A significant part of the reason stems from the rapid changes taking place in today’s globalized world that is typified by migration, urbanization, technological innovations, increasing...

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Posted on : 29/04/2015


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