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International Day of Families 2015: Special event on household methodologies for gender equality and social inclusion


Date: 15 May
Time: 10:30 am - 12 pm
Venue: IFAD (Rome)

The IFAD Gender Team is pleased to invite you to the “International Day of Families 2015 - Special event on household methodologies for gender equality and social inclusion”.

The event will take place from 10.30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in IFAD heart quarter. It will...

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Posted on : 08/05/2015

As part of a #Beijing20 campaign that runs throughout May 2015, inspiring journalists and media leaders tell UN Women their thoughts about the state of women in media today, what changes they want to see for women, and share their personal experiences in the newsroom.

Read the full news on...

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Posted on : 06/05/2015
In this issue highlights the remarkable celebrations of the International Women's Day and the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action during the 59th Commission on the Status of Women. It also dedicates some of the content of this newsletter to the links between health and women's economic empowerment. It shares an inspiring story of a woman...
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Posted on : 28/04/2015

New study reveals widespread gender exclusion in payment for ecosystem (PES) services as a climate change adaptation option.

Men and women are increasingly recognized as resource managers in crop and livestock-based systems, especially within the context of climate change.

A number of approaches have been adopted towards conservation of natural resources with a view of...

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Posted on : 21/04/2015

For climate information services to work they must target the entire family and not just male farmers. But how can we overcome existing barriers that prevent women from meaningfully engaging in agriculture?

“I have the right to know, to be aware of what is happening,” says 23-year-old farmer Ruby Mela.

Studies show that when it comes to accessing climate information and...

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Posted on : 21/04/2015

In southern Ghana, women are connected to the land in different ways from one another. This diversity translates into a suite of vulnerabilities to climate change, and a need for fine-tuned strategies that accommodate the range of women in a community.

“Women here are really doing well; they have managed...

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Posted on : 21/04/2015

A tale of why Peru's mitigation and development policies need to take gender into consideration.

Previous findings show that the highland soil is very carbon-rich, while at the same time scarcely documented (PDF), urging for a better overview of its underground wealth. Given the importance that soil plays as...

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Posted on : 21/04/2015

This month, ITC’s Trade and Environment Programme (TEP) in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) launched a two-year project to facilitate and consolidate the development of Madagascar’s raffia value chain for luxury international handicraft and fashion industries. The objective of this initiative is to...

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Posted on : 20/04/2015

Using the 2009 round of the Ethiopian Rural Household Survey, this paper examines the medium-term impact of the land registration on investment behavior by households, particularly the adoption of soil conservation techniques and tree planting. It investigates whether men’s and women’s knowledge of their property rights under the land registration (as measured by answers to a list of questions...

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Posted on : 14/04/2015

Check out the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations' new gender and land rights database.

On this page, you will find a scroll-down list of statistics indicators and their definitions in the box below. The land-related statistics are disaggregated by gender...

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Posted on : 28/03/2015


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