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Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) is seeking applications for its second Global Youth Summit called the 2016 Youth Agribusiness, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship Summit on Innovation (YALESI 2016) that will be held in Dakar, Senegal from March 29-31, 2016.

The summit will prioritise young people’s needs, considering their developmental needs including under-served populations, such...

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Posted on : 25/01/2016

The UN General Assembly today adopted a resolution stressing the importance of financial inclusion as a key tool for implementing many of the vital development goals enshrined in new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the ...

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Posted on : 16/12/2015

ASEAN countries could boost productivity of their agribusinesses simply by improving opportunities for women to participate in the sector on an equal footing with men, a senior UN official said.

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Posted on : 02/12/2015

Agnes Quaye farms cocoa in West Africa. Ceclia Mejía Domínguez grows strawberries, maize and potatoes in Honduras. Grace Amma farms and trains farmers in India. What do these three women have in common? They are all leading agricultural figures in their communities. 

Watch all three stories from CropLife International...

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Posted on : 09/11/2015

This success story written by, Bidhya Shrestha, an agricultural graduate and a former Livelihood Coordinator at World Vision Nepal, is part of YPARD's "Young women and Youth's Gender Perspectives in Agricultural Development" series that...

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Posted on : 04/11/2015

Les femmes de l’Agriculture Familiale ont réclamé davantage de représentativité et de participation aux mécanismes de prises de décisions, lors d’une réunion tenue au cours de la Vè Conférence mondiale – Construisons le futur : Agriculture Familiale en septembre 2015 à Derio, Bizkaia. Les femmes des zones rurales des cinq...

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Posted on : 28/10/2015

The Gender Network invites you to a dialogue with Hon. Baleka Mbete Speaker of the South African Parliament “Gender is My Agender” Wednesday 23 rd September 2015 from 10:00 to 12:00

Sheikh Zayed Centre, FAO – V.le Terme di Caracalla


Posted on : 20/09/2015
Supporting Yemen’s Businesswomen

Situation of Yemeni women

I grew up in a historic district of Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, which for decades has been home to a large community of Yemeni traders. I taught English to the young son of our Yemeni neighbours. His mother would bake traditional breads for us as a way of thanking us since she could not afford to send her son to school. We called her simply Umm...

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Posted on : 29/07/2015
Supporting Sinai Bedouin Women through Agriculture and Handicrafts

This success story written by Yasmeen Atta, founder of  the Youth Sinai Foundation for Development and Human Rights and the Youth Sinai Development Company, is part of the "Young women and Youth's Gender Perspectives in Agricultural Development" series that spotlight young professionals' experiences for women's empowerment in agricultural development. From research to private sector, mass...

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Posted on : 29/07/2015
The 2015 Female Entrepreneurship Index

GEDI’s women’s entrepreneurship index – the Female Entrepreneurship Index – measures the development of high potential female entrepreneurship worldwide. Defined as “innovative, market expanding, and export oriented,” this gender specific Index utilizes GEDI’s unique framework, methodology, and global approach in order to capture the multi-dimensional aspects of entrepreneurial development....

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Posted on : 27/07/2015


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