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This document reports on progress in the implementation of the IFAD Policy on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

It was presented to the Executive Board in December 2015 and published in the “Report on IFAD’s Development Effectiveness”.

To download the Annual Report on IFAD...

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Posted on : 27/01/2016

Niger is a hot landlocked country, mostly covered by the Sahara desert with a rainy season of only three months. Despite this unforgiving environment, it has made impressive economic progress lately. In 2014, economic growth accelerated to 6.5 percent, thanks to a rebound in agriculture and large public investment projects. However, the country lags considerably in gender equality and...

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Posted on : 26/01/2016

Depuis mars 2014, l’Agence Française de Développement (AFD) s’est dotée d’un nouveau cadre d’intervention transversal (CIT) sur le genre et la réduction des inégalités hommes-femmes dans ses activités. L’objectif de ce CIT est d’améliorer les pratiques d’intégration du genre dans les opérations de l’AFD.


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Posted on : 25/01/2016

Over the last twenty years, the increasing availability of sex-disaggregated data on household assets has made it ever more evident that women who are empowered to manage resources alongside men tend to be able to ensure better education, health, and nutrition of their children. But, as programs emerged to make practical use of this data and to influence policy and agricultural...

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Posted on : 05/01/2016

Sex-disaggregated data collection is an important step toward understanding women’s contributions to agriculture and including a gender perspective in agricultural research for development. However, social norms both in farming communities and research organizations often limit the amount of data collected from women and, in so doing, reinforce the notion that women are not farmers or...

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Posted on : 04/01/2016

The gender gap, equal pay and the path towards women’s rights have all been at the forefront of the media this year. First, there were the women in Hollywood stepping up the call for equal pay to shining the spotlight on the lack of opportunity for gender and diversity , even behind the camera. Next came the Sustainable...

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Posted on : 28/12/2015

IFAD has just released the twelfth edition of its Gender Newsletter which celebrates achievements in 2015, notably that women now account for almost half (almost 56 million) of people receiving services from IFAD-supported projects. Take a moment to browse the newsletter, which features a new Nutrition toolkit on integrated homestead food production, events on the themes of nutrition and...

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Posted on : 18/12/2015

This report synthesizes findings from seven country scoping studies on gender-responsive approaches to rural advisory services (RAS) in Africa. The studies, which were conducted in seven countries (Benin, Ethiopia,...

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Posted on : 11/12/2015

The IFAD Gender Team is pleased to invite you to attend the third edition of the IFAD Gender Awards to recognize the efforts and achievements of IFAD-supported projects in meeting the strategic objectives of the IFAD Policy on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

The event will take place at IFAD headquarters, in the Italian Conference Room from 15:30 to 17:00 hours on...

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Posted on : 23/11/2015


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