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Mechanisms to help researchers to balance work and home lives have made a positive difference to the gender balance at my institute, says Douglas Hilton.

How can science address the gender-inequality problem? It is a persistent issue that has been...

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Posted on : 02/07/2015
Explore the global landscape of female researchers

What proportion of researchers in the country where you live are women? Explore our interactive map to find out.
It might be that you live in a nation where the figure looks promising, at least on the face of it. In Thailand, for example, nearly 86 per cent of researchers are women. But if these posts are poorly paid, is that a good thing? Or perhaps you live in one of the many...

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Posted on : 12/06/2015
Transforming Nigeria, one female science and tech professional at a time

With 62 percent of Nigerians under the age of 24 and 49 percent of its citizens women, Nigeria stands to benefit by harnessing the creativity and intellectual curiosity of young women. 

Yet across Africa, a wide gender divide still exists in the corridors of...

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Posted on : 10/06/2015
How to consider gender in science reporting

Many topics within science, or more generally, have a gender dimension; you can tell a more complete, honest, richer and fuller story if you take gender into account.
By applying a gender lens to different aspects of a story you can consider obvious voices, but also the voices that are often missing....

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Posted on : 27/05/2015
Can Social Media Effectively Include Women’s Voices in Decision-making Processes?

Social media has proven potential for mobilizing attention and accountability to women’s rights, and challenging discrimination and stereotypes. Obstacles remain in translating women’s online advocacy to pushing for systemic change through policy. Strategies to enhance social media’s potential for women’s empowerment include facilitating their access to technology; increasing women’s...

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Posted on : 25/05/2015
Paula Kantor at the 2014 Livestock and Fish program review meeting

The tragic loss of Paul Kantor during a terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday 13 May have left many of her colleagues in the development world and friends with great sadness.

Paula who joined CIMMYT in February 2015 as a senior scientist (gender and development specialist), was leading CIMMYT’s ambitious new project to...

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Posted on : 14/05/2015
Posted on : 11/05/2015
ENERGIA Newsletter - May 2015

After a gap of several years, the International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy is issuing once again ENERGIA News. Find the latest edition here.

Posted on : 11/05/2015

As part of a #Beijing20 campaign that runs throughout May 2015, inspiring journalists and media leaders tell UN Women their thoughts about the state of women in media today, what changes they want to see for women, and share their personal experiences in the newsroom.

Read the full news on...

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Posted on : 06/05/2015
RE-Thinking The Role Of Climate Technology For Women’s Empowerment

In achieving its unique mandate to accelerate inclusive and sustainable industrial development, UNIDO recognizes access to sustainable energy for productive uses as a key catalyst for inclusive and sustainable economic development. In particular, UNIDO focuses on the role of women as agents in promoting and using climate technologies and renewable energy solutions – recognizing that women can...

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Posted on : 05/05/2015


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