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©IFAD /Cristobal Corral

The International Fund for Rural Development (IFAD) has published a series of Gender and rural development briefs adressing key gender issues and development indicators in each global region. The briefs present statistics, stories from the field, lessons learned and ongoing challenges, through the lens of IFAD's gender policy...

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Posted on : 05/06/2015
©FAO-Olivier Asselin

The contribution of women to labor in African agriculture is regularly quoted in the range of 60 to 80 percent. Using individual-disaggregated, plot-level labor input data from nationally representative household surveys across six Sub-Saharan African countries, this study estimates the average female labor share in crop production at 40 percent. It is slightly above 50 percent in Malawi,...

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Posted on : 04/06/2015
CARE International
The newest edition of CARE International newsletter has now been published, and can be found here.

It features articles on women´s empowerment, on the events organized during the...

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Posted on : 01/06/2015
 Africa must do more for women empowerment

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Hanna Tetteh, has said Africa needs to do more to empower its women in the quest to achieve the Africa Union’s (AU) agenda 2063 adopted in January 2014.

Speaking at the flag-raising ceremony to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the AU, she said at the heart of the Agenda 2063, is the recognition that development in Africa needs to...

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Posted on : 29/05/2015

Fine-tuning Southeast Asia's cassava boom

Southeast Asia's transformation of cassava from a humble root crop from the Americas into a prized industrial input has an almost fairy tale quality

The cassava trade is expanding quickly, particularly in response to burgeoning exports of dried cassava chips and starch to China, where demand is expected to double...

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Posted on : 28/05/2015
Labour saving technology to empower women smallholder farmers

Millions of the world’s smallholder women farmers have limited access to farm energy, mechanization and the most basic of agricultural and agri-processing tools.

Many of women smallholder farmers are using labour intensive agricultural hand tools for onerous tasks such as weeding, planting, harvesting and crop/food processing. With minimal access to alternative...

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Posted on : 20/05/2015

UNITAR offers a limited number of full scholarships for French speaking participants from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) for its course “Innovative Collaboration for Development” to be held...

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Posted on : 19/05/2015
Gender and Development Seminar Series
The World Bank | Room I 2-250 | 1850 I St NW
Aging countries around the world are facing the prospect of a shrinking labor force. Improving the economic participation and productivity of women in these countries may be an important mitigating channel, but, this is challenging in the face of increasing demand for informal care-a responsibility that rests mainly with...
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Posted on : 15/05/2015
Paula Kantor at the 2014 Livestock and Fish program review meeting

The tragic loss of Paul Kantor during a terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday 13 May have left many of her colleagues in the development world and friends with great sadness.

Paula who joined CIMMYT in February 2015 as a senior scientist (gender and development specialist), was leading CIMMYT’s ambitious new project to...

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Posted on : 14/05/2015
Posted on : 11/05/2015


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