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Imagine a Future: Visionary Women Talk About the Potential to Ignite Change [Media]

In this video introducing IGNITE, Grantee partners, IGNITE contributors, and women leading change in the technology sector help us imagine a future where the digital gender gap is closed, and make the case for empowering women and girls in technology and science.

This video was first published on the ...

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Summary of the FAO policy on gender equality
Summary of the FAO policy on gender equality [Document]

Gender equality is central to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations’ (FAO’s) mandate to achieve food security for all by raising levels of nutrition, improving agricultural productivity and natural resource management, and improving the lives of rural populations. FAO can achieve its goals only if it simultaneously works towards gender equality and supports women’s...

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Realizing Women's Rights to Land and other Productive Resources
Realizing Women's Rights to Land and other Productive Resources [Document]

This publication is based on the results of an expert group meeting on good practices in realizing women’s rights to productive resources, with a focus on land. The meeting was convened by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human...

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Carrhure Presents The Rice Project [Media]
This video was originally posted on Carrhure TV Channel on 31 Jan 2015.
Watch it on YouTube.
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Hands, by Vjeran Lisjak.
The Gender and Food Security Cutting Edge Pack [Document]

This BRIDGE Cutting Edge Overview Report and In Brief makes the case for a new, gender-aware understanding of food security, arguing that partial, apolitical and gender-blind diagnoses of the problem of food and nutrition insecurity is leading to insufficient policy responses and the failure to realise the right to food for all people. Showcasing effective and promising existing strategies,...

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Inspiring women in agriculture [Media]
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Inspiring women in agriculture [Media]

Dr Chavonda Jacobs Young is the Administrator of the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. Here she talks of her work, the challenges addressed in agricultural research, the role and scope of USDA-ARS and the exciting opportunities for young women in agricultural science.

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Gender-transformative approaches to address inequalities in food, nutrition and economic outcomes in aquatic agricultural systems [Document]

Over the past few decades, scholars and practitioners working on gender and development issues have advocated for more in-depth analyses that explore and foster change in the social institutions that create and perpetuate gender inequalities. Gender integration approaches in a research and development context are thus not something new. However, mainstream agricultural research and development...

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Enhancing women’s assets to manage risk under climate change [Document]

A new volume of policy notes summarizes the findings from the project “Enhancing Women’s Assets to Manage Risk under Climate Change: Potential for Group-Based Approaches.” From the IFPRI Research Program on Climate Change, Collective Action, and Women’s Assets, the notes in this collection explore how to protect or strengthen...

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Reducing the gender asset gap through agricultural development [Document]

The Gender, Agriculture, and Assets Project (GAAP) team has released a new guide, Reducing the Gender Asset Gap Through Agricultural Development, explains the importance of assets - both tangible assets such as land, labor, and animals and intangible assets such as...

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