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Closing the Knowledge Gap in Agriculture and Food Security

Date: November 22, 2013
Time: 12:15 pm to 1:45 pm EDT (Please join us for lunch beginning at 11:45 am); Live webcast coming up at the scheduled time.
Contact/RSVP: Simone Hill-Lee |...

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Posted on : 20/11/2013

At the close of the Global Landscapes Forum, as the buzz grows about how our hands seem to be tied concerning injecting agriculture into the climate negotiations, we ask ourselves – could gender insights be the key to informing our landscapes approach delivery?

In a...

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Posted on : 18/11/2013

Did you participate in the ...

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Posted on : 15/11/2013

Development experts these days will, to a man and woman, insist that we need to do more to empower (poor) women in developing countries. A particularly popular target are the women who grow most of the food their families and communities, and their cities and nations, are consuming. Such ‘gender focus’ is all the rage in agricultural research for development circles.

So far, so good,...

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Posted on : 14/11/2013

An initiative promoting dairy goat production is empowering rural women, alleviating poverty, and strengthening livelihoods within some of Afghanistan’s poorest communities. Targeting 1350 poor women in Baghlan and Nangrahar provinces, the project has facilitated access to over 1500 healthy goats, delivered training, and provided technical support to raise productivity and generate positive...

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Posted on : 11/11/2013

New UNRISD research seeks to understand how policy change to strengthen women’s rights occurs. When and why do states respond to women’s claims-making? What are the factors and conditions under which non-state actors can effectively trigger and influence policy change? What are the mechanisms necessary to ensure that issues get on the policy agenda?

It would be naive to limit the “...

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Posted on : 08/11/2013

This high-level moderated armchair discussion explores why gender, specifically gender-based violence, should be a standalone goal in the post-2015 framework.


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Posted on : 05/11/2013
The First Global Conference on Women in Agriculture (GCWA) was held in New Delhi from 13- 15 March 2012 to address a critical gap identified in the GCARD Roadmap (2010): the neglect of...
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Posted on : 04/11/2013
​With tremendous progress made over the past two decades in improving the human development status of girls, the outcomes of such investment is becoming clear. Empowered and educated women live and engender healthier lives; contribute to growing economies; protect and develop communities; shift attitudes and break cycles of violence. The more years of education a woman has, the lower the...
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Posted on : 24/10/2013


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