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Rural households and sustainability: Integrating environmental and gender concerns into home economics curricula [RSS feed item]

A technical document to help government planners and extension staff integrate environmental concerns into home economics and agricultural curricula.

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Extension "woman to woman" - Training peasant women liaisons to reach peasant women [RSS feed item]

This booklet is one of a series of publications produced by the Women in Agricultural Production and Rural Development Service of the FAO. The series has the aim of presenting successful models of development work and generating discussion around strategies for continued grassroots work with rural women.

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Gender analysis for forestry development planning [RSS feed item]

This video is a training package for forestry planners that draws attention to the different roles, concerns and priorities of women and men, which must be addressed before embarking on any forestry activity.

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Agricultural extension and farm women in the 1980s [RSS feed item]

A presentation on the status of women in agricultural extension work in the 1980s. It has been prepared for general users, including agricultural and rural development policy-makers, agricultural extension personnel, and researchers. 93 pp.

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Integrating gender considerations into FAO forestry projects [RSS feed item]

This document presents guidelines that help focus the project cycle on local people's concerns. It also examines how taking gender issues into account can contribute to the success and sustainability of a project.

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A field guide for project design and implementation: Women in community forestry [RSS feed item]

This field guide focuses on practical ways to include women in project design and implementation. It is meant to facilitate discussion, offer options and promote action on behalf of women in the forestry sector.

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Women in fishing communities [RSS feed item]

An overview of the occupational, economic and social roles played by women in small-scale fishing communities. Specific guidance is given on how to include women in the design and implementation of fisheries development programmes so that their role can be strengthened. 63 pp.

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