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Engendering security in fisheries and aquaculture: WorldFish systematic review and Indonesia experiences [News]

On 3-7 August 2016, the Asian Fisheries Society in collaboration with 11th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (11th AFAF) organized the 6th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries (GAF6) in Bangkok, Thailand. There were six people who represented WorldFish,...

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Just released: Capacity Development Modules on Decent Work in Small-scale Fisheries [News]

Just released by FAO, a set of modules (in Spanish) on decent work - and see below also for the links to 2 GAF6 papers that covered the Costa Rica case studies (these slides in English).,

Capacity Development Modules on Decent Work in Small-scale Fisheries ...

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IFAD shares lesson from the field: How to respond to the direct needs of rural women [News]

The IFAD-supported Soum Son Seun Jai – Community-based Food Security and Economic Opportunities Programme – targets approximately 85,000 household members of whom 50 per cent are women. It works to build integrated farming systems and promote access to markets, especially by highly vulnerable, food-insecure and ethnically diverse rural households. The programme has made solid strides...

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Webinar: Assessing Agricultural Technologies for their Impacts on Gender Roles and Nutrition [Event]

Designing and disseminating technologies through Agricultural Extension Services in a gender-responsive and nutrition-sensitive way can help extend the benefits of technologies like increased productivity, income, and food availability to both men and women. Join the Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services (INGENAES) webinar to learn about a new methodology to...

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CGIAR produces inventory of gender studies across the globe [News]

The CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network has compiled a catalogue of research studies to provide an overview of ongoing and past gender related research across CGIAR.

The studies that can be entered to this catalogue can be:

  • CGIAR Research that involves the use of sex-disaggregated data: data on individual men and women
  • CGIAR Research that involves the use...
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Learning from 8,000 people to integrate gender into agricultural research [News]

With its twisted cables and flickering computer screens, the room commandeered by the GENNOVATE study team at the headquarters of the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) near Mexico City looks more like a Silicon Valley hackathon than what most would understand as gender research. Yet up on the main screen,...

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CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network invites you to its Annual meeting 2016 [News]

Science-based innovation is at the heart of CGIAR’s vision of its impact on poverty reduction, food security and climate-smart resource management. Impactful innovation needs to be socially inclusive and gender-equitable. CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) conduct research to guide and improve the gender-responsiveness or transformative effects of CGIAR innovation. The CGIAR Gender and Agriculture...

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Side Event during Africa Water Week: New Approaches for Inclusive Irrigation [Event]

DATE: Thursday 21st July 2016

TIME: 12:30 - 13:30hrs

VENUE: Ruaha Hall, Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre, Dar es Salaam


Expanding access to irrigation has the potential to boost agricultural productivity, climate resilience, food and nutritional security, and sustainable livelihoods. What are the...

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Just out: 5th Issue of Gender Results Network Digest [News]

WFP's Gender Results Network has released their latest digest featuring insights on gender equality in Norway, a story from a GRN member at WFP Iraq, and highlights on peer learning, eLearning, and unpacking the Equal Participation objective of WFP's new Gender Policy. 

The World Food...

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