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Dimitra publishes a bi-annual newsletter which provides information about the activities of the project, its partner organisations and other civil society organisations in developing countries. The newsletter is available in English and ...

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Posted on : 13/03/2014

A new journal, the Journal of Gender, Agriculture and food Security (Agri-Gender) has been launched with the aim of providing a platform for researchers and practitioners to share information on research work on gender, agriculture and food security. The aim of Agri-Gender is to promote interdisciplinary research related to gender and the agricultural and food sciences.

It is an open...

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Posted on : 10/03/2014

In this video message, Prof. Catherine Bertini, Co-Patron of the Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP), underlines the importance of proper policies and programs in order to facilitate opportunities for girls and women to be able to grow and to be able...

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Posted on : 06/03/2014
Policy-makers worldwide have traditionally assumed that fisheries are a male domain. The policy agenda has for decades given priority to the production sphere, where men generally predominate, and has largely neglected processing and marketing activities, where women often play a key role. Recent sex...
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Posted on : 27/01/2014

The International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology is a high level, Thomson Reuters, ISI, Scopus indexed journal, now on its 9th volume and is a respected scientific periodical on its field, combining the discussion on the evolution and governance of agricultural resources, with agriculture research and an emphasis on the implications that policy choices have on both...

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Posted on : 27/01/2014


1) Thursday 30 January;

2) Wednesday 5 February; and

3) Tuesday 18 February 2014 

FAO welcomes everyone interested in climate-smart agriculture and equity to join the online learning event. The event takes place from 30/1 to 18/2 2014.

The event consists of 3 webinars of 90...

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Posted on : 16/01/2014

The Gender, Agriculture, and Assets Project (GAAP) is jointly led by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) to better understand gender and asset dynamics in agricultural development programs.

Being able to access, control, and own productive assets such as land, labor, finance, and social capital enables people...

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Posted on : 09/01/2014

Fishery changes, caused by modernization and mechanization, globalization and environmental disasters, shift the working spaces, continually destroy and create jobs and livelihoods, and bring greater overlaps in women’s and men’s roles in the household, factory and market place.

“Gender and fisheries studies, therefore, are increasingly addressing these changes and how...

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Posted on : 03/12/2013

Meeting food security, nutrition and gender equality objectives entails applying development approaches that allow rural communities to participate and take control of their future. Of the many approaches used by FAO, there is one that is particularly effective at enabling the most marginalised groups, including women, to take ownership of their development and achieve economic and social...

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Posted on : 12/11/2013


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